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In 2022, Buy Local Savannah Will Bring Together Local Business Owners

The Buy Local Savannah January luncheon was held on the Savannah riverboat on Thursday morning, which was attended by business owners from around the city.

According to Michelle Rouzer, president of Buy Local Savannah, the organization’s mission is to connect local business owners and foster the development of a collaborative business community in the city.

“The sky’s the limit in terms of the types of enterprises that will be represented here,” Rouzer said of the variety of options.

“You’re about to step into a room that contains every resource you could require for your business.”

Michelle Thompson, the owner of Spectrum Printing and Marketing, has been a Buy Local member for many years, and she believes Savannah’s business community has expanded since she first opened her doors in the city 35 years ago. “I’ve seen it go from 40 people in the room to 140 people now,” Thompson said of the space’s growth.

According to Thompson, making connections is essential for new business owners in Savannah.

To move forward, she advised beginning with shaking hands and taking names, as well as going to see individuals for referrals. “That is significant in this room.”

Ms. Katy White is launching a tanning and wellness salon on Broughton Street, and she is thrilled to be a part of Savannah’s thriving business community, according to her.

“It’s more of an isolated family type of situation here,” White explained. “Everyone seemed to be delighted to assist one another, which has been a breath of fresh air.”

Buy local, according to Rouzer, is all about building a network of support. “When you create a business, or when you bring a business to Savannah, you get that camaraderie and involvement with our community that’s so crucial to making your business succeed,” said Rouzer.

According to the president of Buy Local Savannah, nearly 160 business owners and employees attended today’s luncheon, and the organization is always looking to expand its membership.

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