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Alluros Custom Cabinets in Peoria

Bespoke, Handmade, Custom, Quality Custom Cabinets


Beautiful custom cabinets hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen will refresh your kitchen and your home Alluros Custom Cabinets is a leader in Peoria for custom cabinet design, manufacturing as well as on-site Our range of services includes custom cabinet installations that range between 85301 and 85383. We help our clients maximize their storage space, eliminate clutter and turn their homes into gorgeous We can create customized cabinets for kitchens, bookcases, and media center, aswell as shelving Our loyal customers dream of a luxurious home restoration, and the staff at Alluros Custom Cabinets strive to make their dreams a

Cabinets are affixed with large profiles and are mounted in line with the location Therefore, it is essential that they look great Remodeling your home can be a big investment. It is important to select the appropriate kind We are committed to providing stylish and space-saving cabinets in Peoria that are built to your requirements From custom-designed media centers to inset doors, everything is built in-house using the finest woods and hardware These little details give you an updated, elegant, and polished look

Contact us today so that we’ll start creating custom cabinets to match your desires We can help you navigate the entire process by asking what you would like to see in
Custom Media Centers
At Alluros Custom Cabinets, We specialize in custom cabinets, however we also create other furniture that is bespoke, such as custom media centers, aka Custom-designed entertainment centers can hide the wiring, remote controls and media equipment, in order to give your living space a clean and peaceful space Imagine having the ability to organize all your equipment and having a stylish piece of furniture custom-designed in its proper place. This will improve the overall quality of your living area

Most mass produced media centers are manufactured out of particle board and do not come with specific compartments to store your specific equipment We design your custom media center using a prime wood such as birch or ash, and the entertainment center you choose to build will be more durable and also look stunning We can build wire access holes and compartments in cabinets to hide cables that are large for your living space

High Quality Cabinet Hard Woods
There are many types of cabinet wood you can select from, and will affect the appearance and characteristics of the There are a lot of options available for woods for cabinets. Here are a few of the most sought-after

Alder wood is usually light brown in color and has lighter undertones Alder wood requires more care because it requires specific finishing techniques and isn’t as durable as a maple cabinet for instance however it is a must for people going for a rustic feel

Maple wood cabinets can withstand different kinds of stains, making it versatile and is very durable The exterior of maple is extremely uniform, with subtle grain marks

Birch wood is a great option if you’re looking to select a specific color for your cabinets, since the material is ideal to paint or for a variety of kinds Birchwood is available in a variety of shades, but the difference is not as obvious as the hickory

Oak kitchen cabinets are extraordinarily robust, and are typically less expensive than maple or oak, and is one of the all-time favorites for consumers It has stunning grain marks that are adored by many homeowners. The wood is not soaked by water, as it runs straight across

Hickory wood is distinguished by its contrast between the sapwood and heartwood hues. This makes it a great choice for design The wood has a smooth pale-yellow appearance and is able to It is renowned for its rustic appearance and the extreme variation

Cherry wood is a wild black cherry tree. It has been used in many styles that include Cherry wood cabinets may have a reddish hue and may also range from white to brown Cherry woods have a smooth surface and has many variations in its markings Cherry woods look great and they are simple to finish and have a gorgeous reddish-brown hue

This is only the beginning of the world of wooden cabinets. Contact us at Alluros Custom Cabinets today to help you choose the perfect fit for your cabinets

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Alluros Custom Cabinets in Peoria


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